Day 119 – The Floor is Lava

6 comes both earlier than I want it to and precisely when it means to, and for all my pouting when Spesh’s alarm goes off, I actually feel pretty good. It’s quick as a wink, up and out, so Daniel can get to work. We pick up his work buddy on the way, and he drops us off in an abandoned parking lot near the highway so we can walk to where we need to hitch. Continue reading

Day 117 – Fear Leads to Anger

The morning is cold, and my hip hasn’t magically healed overnight, so it argues with me when I try to move. It’s not as bad as it once was, though, and for that I’m thankful. I’m also thankful that it’s a town day again – I’ve decided to go into Bend with Spesh, take another zero, do my resupply for Washington. Deal with the consequences of another zero later. Still, the hike to McKenzie Pass is 22 miles – why do I keep doing this to myself? I know how I am on town days, antsy, anxious to be in town already, where there is food and bevvie and bed. Still, it must be done, and so, right around 8, a-hiking we do go. Continue reading

Day 115 – Struck a Nerve

Seven of us in the shelter makes for a loud evening, everyone tossing and turning on their crackling neoair sleeping pads. I don’t think it’s just the noise that makes me restless – my brain is chewing on all the everything I pondered yesterday, concerned but unable to make real progress. People start to move much too early, walk out into their day, let the door slam behind them. Repeatedly. By 6, I can’t take it anymore – alright, alright, I’m awake – and by 6:30, I’m poking Spesh so we can start our day. Continue reading

Day 114 – Shorty

We wake and we laze – it’s a town day today, five miles to town, and six from town to where we’re sleeping. One of the few things Spesh didn’t get to do on his two hikes of the PCT was stay in any huts, and since the Maiden Ski Hut is (A) one of the few shelters on the PCT and (B) on our way, I’ve agreed to stay in the hut tonight. It does mean I need to make 25 miles a day from here on out, but to enjoy this day with the gentleman friend, I’m alright with that. Gentle days mean late outs, so we’re not walking until 8. Continue reading

Day 113 – Ponds Like Stars

I almost enjoy cowboy camping – I definitely enjoy it more than I would’ve enjoyed tenting. As the night wears on, I wake up sweating, have to wriggle my way out of layers and out from under zippers and such. The moon also wakes me, hanging pendulously amongst the stars, seeming to bear a message that I don’t quite get before I fall back asleep. In the morning, I’m tired, but not altogether cranky, though my mood sours a bit when I remember I have to say goodbye to Pineapple.  Continue reading

Day 112 – Unexpected Mileage

I wake up to my alarm at 5, poke my head out of my bag – it is both coldcoldcold and darkdarkdark. Neeeeeeeeeeewp. I wake naturally at 5:45, lay around for a minute – it’s still cold and dark, but at least consciousness isn’t physically painful anymore. I get up, Spesh gets up; he makes coffee, and I remember why people like chilling out in the morning. It’s not until 7:20 that we’re actually ready to go,but we only have to make 25 miles today. Not bad. Not bad at all. Continue reading

Day 111 – Blue Blue Caldera

I wake sore, but contented with what the day’s got in store for me. First, I get to see Crater Lake from the Rim Trail, and then, 10 miles later, I meet up with Spesh, who’s joining me for a week. Awww yisss. The knowledge motivates me, and while Pineapple’s looking to sleep in, I’m up and out and off quick as I can be. I’m sure she’ll catch me soon enough. Continue reading

Day 110 – Blessed are the Microwave Burritos

I sleep poorly again, all slanted the wrong way on the slope. I should have listened to myself when I was setting up, put my head on the uphill instead of my entire body on a slant, but now I’m just awake. Or, at least, in and out. A couple of times in the night, I shift and my left kneecap does this weird shifting/clicking thing that doesn’t exactly hurt, more just worries the hell out of me. The moon wakes me a few times too, just for good measure. 5am rolls around, and while I’m awake, I am not exactly pleased to be so. Only 25.5 miles to Mazama, though.  Continue reading

Day 109 – Puzzletrail

My whole night is spent being paranoid that I’m going to roll over on top of Pineapple. I’m surprised that there’s as much room as there is in this Mountain Hardware Ghost UL 2 tent, but I put myself on the slope, and I’m afraid I’m going to crush her with my tall frame in the night. We manage to make it through though – and then some. When the alarm goes off, Pineapple doesn’t move. I take that as my cue to sleep in, although when 5:40 rolls around, both of us are ready to start the day. Continue reading