Written Media:

Backpacker Magazine, Long Trails Issue (January 2017)
Pass/Fail: Stoveless and What I Learned

Backpacker Magazine, PCT Correspondent Articles

Griots Republic
149 DAYS | Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail
BRAVING THE COLD | Connecting with the Outdoors in Winter
OFF-SEASON ADVENTURES | Planning National Park Visits for Fall and Winter

Falcon Guides, Backpacker Long Trails: Mastering the Art of the Thru-Hike, Contributor

Modern Hiker, Trailblazers: Amanda Jameson, Interview


Sounds of the Trail, Episode 2-12: Hikers that Hike Together, Interview

The Trail Show
Episode #53: The L2H, Special Guest
Episode #68: OuT, Conservation Interview

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