Questions about race in the US? I politely request that you utilize the Googs before you ask me. First off, I’m just one person with one person’s opinion, which I’ve stated in various blog posts and supported on my Useful Links page. Second off, a bunch of other brown people have written all sorts of books and articles and reading lists and blogs and made documentaries and podcasts and and and. We live in an amazing era where we can get information about pretty much anything to do with human existence directly from the people affected. So critically seek out other primary sources on race and critical race theory and the history of brown folk in the US if you’ve got questions. My writings are just a drop in an ocean, and that whole ocean is out there for you to swim in.

Questions about hiking, backpacking, or any of my treks? Person of color who has questions about what it’s like on the trail? Want me to come and speak at your event? Need any outdoorsy writing edited? Send me a note!