Day 64 – Push

Another early morning where I wrestle with the quandaries of fitting a bear can into my morning routine – you’d think I’d be used to this by now, but it’s still a struggle. How does Outro pack up so fast? But she’s packed and off like a shot, go on and get that pass, girl. Me? I’m a’comin, I’m a’comin. Continue reading

Update: On Track

Soooo clearly, I’m quite behind on these posts. Turns out that trying to write for Backpacker and my regular job back home and you fine folks while attempting 25+ mile days is a bit more challenging than I first anticipated. I wanted to let y’all know that I am still, in fact, on trail, and still, in fact, on track to finish – hopefully by the end of September. Oregon is treating me kindly, and I’m looking forward to Washington, too.

I am going to keep writing and posting, albeit probably at the same snail’s pace I’ve been recently. I’m taking super-detailed notes on each day – and between those and the pictures it’s pretty easy to reconstruct things as they were. Being down to the wire, as it were, I have to put finishing first, as much as I would love to write write write in lieu of some of this walking.

I will finish blogging about my hike, don’t fret – and I’ll hopefully succeed in hitting my fundraising goals for Big City Mountaineers. I’ve even got a stretch goal and reward planned, assuming y’all like people dancing in silly costumes. Meanwhile, thanks for sticking around – I’ve got so many more stories to tell you, and I’m happy you’re here to hear them.