Interlude: Site Updates

I’ve updated the site in places – the menu at the top’s a bit bigger, and features more dropdown options now. The changes include permalinks to the beginning of my PCT and CT journeys, and a brand new Contact form and Press page. Over the next few days, I’ll be updating the Gear List pages to reflect my PCT gear list and the Useful Links pages to reflect the changes the US will be experiencing over the next four years.

As for the tale of my PCT hike, I’ll be posting Monday through Friday until it’s done!

8 thoughts on “Interlude: Site Updates

  1. Griff says:

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of your PCT journey! You are a gifted writer and a person with heart and intelligence. I am glad to live in a country with citizens of your caliber. Here’s to hoping that we all get through the next four years stronger and more united than we were before. Goodness knows we need it.


  2. teaandparks says:

    thank you for continuing to post, its getting me thru a very slow winter indoors, Today’s post (blessed be the microwave burritos keeps popping up as not found, thought it might have something to do with updates?)


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