Brown Folk in the Outdoors, Spring ’17 Update

So in my long, lamentable stretch working, I’ve seen a lot of rad articles from a lot of rad places about brown folk, specifically brown women, getting outside and doing stuff, that I thought I’d share with y’all:

Rahawa Haile (AT ’16) has been doing a bunch of talking and writing: for Atlas Obscura, for Buzzfeed, for Outside Magazine. She writes with a soul-soothing voice that’s exactly what I’ve needed over the last few months. I look up to her, for real.

Chardonnay (PCT ’15, AT Section ’16) is at it again, about to start a CDT thru; you can find her on her blog here.

Mallory and X have just started their AT journey; they’re blogging about it here.

Snorkel is doing all things outdoorsy, including an urban brewhike and getting published; more on the latter here.

Minda Honey has a recent-ish piece on that’s a little more frontcountry-oriented, but no less powerful for that.

Meanwhile, groups like Outdoor Afro and Latino Outdoors are gearing up for the coming seasons.

We’re coming outside, and ain’t nothing gonna hold us back.

I’m 100% sure that I’m missing stuff; if you guys have blogs/books/podcasts/YouTube channels you know that are run by brown folk doing cool stuff outdoors (where my brown men at?!), let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Brown Folk in the Outdoors, Spring ’17 Update

  1. emails4sammy says:

    Thank you for providing these references! Great to have your warm and articulate voice in the hiker community, it’s good to have more. You are proof that we are all better off when we have a mix. (Must admit that I find hiker blogs by women are often verbally richer so are more interesting and more fun to read.)

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