Waking Dreams

I’ve been having a lot of vivid dreams recently – the type of dreams that you feel, the ones that are hard to distinguish from reality. I mean, not the suddenly changing scenery or the odd situations, but these days I often find myself wondering whether I actually did something or whether it just happened in a dream. It’s made for some interesting scenarios in the waking world, where I swear I’ve done something but haven’t quite actually managed it while conscious.

I think the exuberant activity of my slumbering mind’s a combination of the weather getting warmer and my workload ramping up and me actually getting occasional exercise and and and – life’s waking up after a long, weird winter1, and my dreams are echoing the sentiment. All my friends are waking up, too – going on adventures, doing lots of hiking, taking lots of pictures. And as soon as I get through this last hard push, I’ll be doing the same thing.

I’m not kidding. I start the Pacific Crest Trail in less than a month.

Backpacker and Mountain Hardwear are starting an Adopt-A-Thruhiker program, and I’ve been adopted. I’m actually going hiking this year2.

I keep thinking this is a dream – that I’m going to wake up to find that one of a million things have fallen through, that I only got the fantastic date for my permit in my dreams, that I’m going to be heartbroken. But this is reality – I’m a sponsored athlete, I get on the PCT in early May, and OH MY GOD I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO3. I’ll be keeping up with my prep, elaborating on gear changes, and generally dealing with the raging storm of emotions surrounding this business in the weeks to come.

And then, I hike.



[1] Two! Two April blizzards! Ah ah ah.

[2] Snorkel is also due an enormous amount of thanks – she slipped the idea into my head, and without her encouragement and willingness to go out on a limb for me, this wouldn’t be happening. Thank you so, so much. Go check her out; she’s awesome. (And another hiker of color!)

[2] Seriously, I don’t know that this hike at this juncture would be at all possible if I hadn’t done a lot of prepping in hopes of hiking last year -and- hiked the Colorado Trail last year. So. Much. To. Do.

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