Day 142 – Almost Home

In the morning, I wish I could say that I felt any better – but I don’t. A self-defeatist attitude has well and thoroughly settled into my brainpan. I ask myself “what’s the point”, but I know that’s a stupid question – there are 155-odd miles to go. I’ll hit 2500 this morning, and I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it.  Continue reading

Day 141 – Newp.

Cloud + cold = frost, and when I wake in the morning, there is an abundance of it all over everything. There are, however no clouds in the sky – it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day, despite the ominous weather forecasts of yesterday – and the frost kind of makes everything look a little more magical. Nature, how you do dat? Continue reading

Day 138 – Drier

I turn off my alarm at 5:30, register some awareness at 6, but it’s not even warm enough to move until 7. The sun’s out, though, thank goodness, because staring at my wet clothes, I know there’s no way I could put them on. After chatting with A-Game, Undercover, and Cookie Scrambler to stall, I load on my jacket and head out into the morning to hang everything to dry. Continue reading

Day 135 – Everything is Sucky

In the morning, everything is kind of damp – sleeping bag, tent, clothes left outside of sleeping bag. That’s what I get for camping in the open instead of in the trees. I paw through my food bag for food for the morning, but nothing seems particularly appetizing. Nothing does on a town day. I’ve got 16 miles to go to Snoqualmie Pass, where a hotel room is waiting for me; snacks will be acceptable for that distance. So many snacks, but snacks. Continue reading

Day 134 – Overachiever

It’s not quiet in my site at the end of a gravel road, but it is weird as hell. Around 1am, an elk starts tromping around and yelling near my tent; around 2am, someone goes by with a white headlamp that shines directly into my tent, and around 3am, the elk is at it again. So much for uninterrupted sleep. Continue reading